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Arabic courses in Rabat

Arabic courses

Also called Fusha, essential for anyone interested in studying, living, and working in the Middle East and North Africa.
Modern Arabic is the official language of all 26  Arab countries and one of the six official languages of U.N. Learning Arabic is essential for those who are willing to live in an Arab country or work in a field in a relation with the Arab world.

This student centered course aims to develop all areas of the language: speaking, listening, reading and writing and the educational support used by our teachers is Al-Kitaab fii Ta’allum al-‘Arabiyya.

Also called Quranic Arabic, is mainly for people interested in classical Arabic literature and the Noble Quran. Learners who want to understand old literature and Quran should learn Classical Arabic instead of MSA.

Also called Darija, is the vernacular language in Morocco, people use it to communicate in their daily life.

Despite not having the status of an official language, Darija is more and more used even in media. It has a deep resemblance with Arabic, however due to the geographic position of Morocco, history and movement of people, Darija has strong influences from Berber, French, Spanish and other European languages.

We recommend students who intend to stay in Morocco for a long period of time learn it if they want to integrate into society and immerse themselves in the Moroccan culture.

We also give lectures and private lessons on the history of Islam, Arab Muslim civilization, media Arabic, Quranic Arabic, Arabic Literature, business Arabic, Islamic law (Sharia) and diplomatic Arabic.

Arabic for Specific Purposes (ASP) classes are ideal for Intermediate- High through Advanced learners who would like to further develop their skills and proficiency to an advanced level & who have a specific purpose to learn Arabic in any field. With ASP courses, students can choose an area of specialization specific to their language goals. ASP courses are geared towards language mastery and maintenance. These courses are typically offered as private courses, and students can choose one or more of the following courses: Quranic Arabic, Media Arabic, Arabic literature, Classical, Business or Diplomatic Arabic.

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On-site programs

This course is suitable for students in general and university students in particular. We offer them multiple Arabic courses to choose from:

  • MSA and CMA (intensive or semi-intensive);
  • Content courses in media Arabic, Literature, Business Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, diplomatic Arabic and more;
  • Area Study courses in Political Science & International Relations, Language, Linguistics & Culture Studies, History of Morocco & North Africa, Religion & Civilization, and Gender & Society.

This course enables students to learn Arabic quickly through complete language and cultural immersion. We offer year-round intensive courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic. Students can register for a minimum of 1 week, in which they will be studying for 4 hours a day (Monday to Friday), but be noted that if the class has less than 2 students, the number of hours will be reduced to 3 hours.

This course is the same as the intensive course, just with fewer hours in class. Choosing this course, students will be studying Arabic for 2 hours a day (Monday to Friday).

A private One-to-One Arabic Course is the perfect choice for students wishing to make a significant progress in a minimal length of time.

Private lessons are available year-round on a by request basis. They may be held during the day or the evenings, depending on the instructor and learner’s availability. The tutor will follow AL-Minbar core program or cater to your needs and requirements.

Evening courses are available online and in-person. They are the best option for working students or those who do not wish to be in an intensive course.
Timetable for this course is as follows:
The instructor and student will meet twice a week: Mon & Wed, Tue & Thu, for 1h30, or Friday for 2h30.

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Academic calendar

Online Arabic courses

Online Arabic courses in Rabat

Online Arabic classes are the best choice for individuals who cannot travel due to their studies, work, or any other commitments. Thus, we offer them classes in Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Moroccan Arabic, or Classic Arabic from beginners to advanced levels online.

The type of courses we offer here is the same as the on-site course: Semester, intensive, semi-intensive, private, and evening courses.

Levels & certificates

We teach Arabic in our institute on 3 levels:

  • Beginner (divided into 3 sub-levels: Low, medium, and high);
  • Intermediate (divided into 3 sub-levels: Low, medium, and high);
  • Advanced (divided into 3 sub-levels: Low, medium, and high);

After filling the registration form, we will set you for a test to see which level you fit in: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced, and what sublevel is more suitable: low, medium or high.

Whenever students finish a sublevel, we set them for a test to see if they have acquired all the necessary skills to pass to the next sublevel, and each time they pass an exam, we give them a certificate for the level achieved.

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