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Al-Minbar institute designed courses for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Becoming fluent in Arabic language depends on the effort you put in and the program you choose: semester, intensive or private courses.

With Al-Minbar institute, on-site programs guarantee a continuous learning even outside classes. Workshops, local excursions and even staying with a host family offer a complete environment to rapidly reaching a basic fluency.

If you are a complete beginner you will not take the placement test, you will start the course directly on Monday.

It´s possible to study Moroccan Arabic and MSA at the same time but not possible to make them both with the intensive group course. You can take standard or private lessons in CMA and MSA with the intensive group or vice versa.

You can pay us by Credit Card or Cash on your arrival, or by Wire Transfer.

There is no deadline; you are welcome any time to benefit from our lessons and activities.

If you travel on an American or European passport, you do not need a visa for a stay less than 3 months. If you do not hold an American/European passport or if you plan to stay in the country for more than 3 months, please check with the Moroccan authorities concerning visa requirements. We will provide a letter of invitation and enrollment to facilitate the visa process, but the student is responsible for acquiring the visa and for paying any fees associated with it.

We use the third edition of the Al-Kitaab Fii Ta Allum Al-Arabiyya series.

In order to ensure receiving credits from your home academic institution, you must seek pre-approval from your home academic advisor or study abroad office.  Upon request, we will provide your institution with course information as well as official transcripts at the end of your studies.

If you are the only student in your group class, you will still be able to study your chosen content for the term you wish, but your course hours will be reduced by 25%.

You can enroll in a group course and add some private courses to complete the requested study hours during your time at Al Minbar.

Yes. We regularly offer a selection of weekend excursions from a full day to three days, and can arrange others by special request.

Yes, we offer French and Tamazight courses at Al Minbar institute for all levels.