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Students Life

Students’ venue & accomodations

Our students have many options for housing for their study period at Al-Minbar.

Moroccan host family in alminbar institute

Host family

New for some students, this housing method had and is still proving its effectiveness when it comes to quick integration. A deep understanding of both Moroccan culture and traditions is a great way to better assimilate the Arabic language. Students find themselves naturally trying to use as many Arabic words as they could to be understood, especially when the host family aren’t fluent in English.

What is necessary however is to live with a family with a solid experience in hosting foreigners and providing them with safety, warmth, and unique social interactions.
The good news is that we follow one of the tidiest selection criteria among other institutes. Host family accommodation includes breakfast and dinner every day.

Students residence

Another accommodation we offer is student residence.
The residence is almost adjacent to the school, close to restaurants, coffee shops, the old medina, and transportation. Students can choose a single or double room.

students residence of Al Minbar institute
host family rooms when studying arabic in rabat
cultural excursion to discover morocco

Studio apartment

The other option we offer our students is Studio Apartment. This type of accommodation offers more freedom, it is the best option for students who want to stay for the long term.
The studio apartments are located in downtown close to the school as well as the restaurants, shops, transportation.

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