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Cultural immersive activities

Every aspect of our program is carefully studied allowing students to live the best experience while learning Arabic.
Al-Minbar includes in its program, many activities that help students immerse themselves in their learning experience. These activities include trips, cooking, calligraphy, local excursions, internships, and volunteering.

moroccan cooking workshop with al minbar

The influence of Morocco’s geographical position can be seen in the diversity and richness of Moroccan gastronomy known worldwide for its good flavors and test.
We offer our students an opportunity to improve their skills in the Arabic language while participating in cooking workshops animated by independent cooks who could be a member of a host family, a hired cook, or an Al-Minbar’s employee, we all cook a lot in Morocco.

music festivals & cultural immersive activities to discover morocco

As for food, music in Morocco is extremely diverse. Chaabi, Gnawa, Reggada, Ahwach, Tarab Andaloussi or Al Aata are all radically different music types even though they co-exist in the same area, these music genres have different roots:
African for Gnawa, Berbere for Ahwah or Spanish for Tarab Andaloussi. Students who play an instrument, learning to play one or simply are eager to discover new music are delighted when listening for the first time of their life to Al Ganbri or Krikbat.

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It is no secret that the Arabic language is different from the Latin languages. The letters are not the same, the rules can sometimes be misleading and phonetics is always a challenge to non-natives, but one appreciated thing is certainly the Arabic Calligraphy. That is why we carry out this activity to get to know more about this beautiful artistic handwriting of Arabic.

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Internships & volunteering

This is for learners who are interested in making a difference, looking for new skills acquisitions, and building connections and friendships with others. They will be placed in an area that reflects their interests, previous work experience, and educational background, subject to the availability of positions and pending acceptance from the organization of the association.

Upon successful completion of the internship or volunteering, learners will receive a certificate of completion and a personal reference from us.
*Most of the activities take place every week.

Trips & excursions

trips to tangier in morocco with al minbar

We believe that one of the excellent ways to discover and explore a country is through traveling, especially when you take road trips. Therefore, we organize trips and offer them to students who are interested.
The trips also help students discover a new regional culture and Arabic accents during the journeys hence strengthening their Arabic skills naturally.

enjoy moroccan food while learning arabic

Al-Minbar organizes weekly local visits to different historical and cultural places in Rabat and surrounding areas, like Kasbah Oudaya, Museums, Chellah, Hassan Tour … . We believe this is an effective way for our students to learn and practice Arabic as well as improve their communication skills and connect with the locals.